Unit # 2
4020A Sladeview Cres, 
Mississauga, ON, L5L 6B1

Tumbling Program & Private Lessons

Private & Semi-Private Tumbling Classes​

​For the 2014-2015 Season we will continue to offer athletes the opportunity to enroll in private or semi-private lessons on top of their regular tumbling time. Our private and semi-private classes are also open to non-CCA athletes.

Fee:  $30/class, must register for 3-5 classes at a time as per online registration.  
Make-up classes are not available.

Please check out Parent Portal or Online Registration for current availability.
Space still available for Winter 2013 session.  Fees will be pro-rated for missed classes.
Group Tumbling Classes

Where space permits, we may allow recreational or non-CCA athletes to register for our group classes. Each athlete will be placed in classes according to their current skill set. They must complete a level or demonstrate mastery of a certain skill without a spot before moving on.

Register according to your level:
Beginner A: No experience necessary.
Beginner B: Can demonstrate a cartwheel and a bridge from standing.
Level 1: Can demonstrate a round-off and back walkover.  CCA athletes must have earned their PINK bow.
Level 2A: Can demonstrate both a back and front walkover, and a front handspring.  CCA athletes must have earned their BLUE bow.
Level 2B:  Can demonstrate a standing back handpring without a spot.  CCA athletes must have earned their BLUE blow.
Level 3: Can demonstrate a double standing back handspring and a round-off back handspring, with front entry.  CCA athletes must have earned their BLACK bow.
Level 4: Can demonstrate a round-off back handspring back tuck, with front entry.  CCA athletes must have earned their WHITE bow.
Level 5: Can demonstrate a standing tuck, and a round off back handspring layout.  CCA athletes must have earned their SILVER bow.

Fee:  $40 + HST registration per session, with a $5 drop-in fee ($10 for non-CCA athletes) for each class attended.